about us...

Tiny Theatre Company is a female-led theatre company, co-founded in January 2018 by Olivia May Roebuck and Alexandra Brailsford, two (tiny) actors, passionate about creating opportunities for emerging actors, playwrights and creatives. 

Here's the story...


Two 5”2 northern girls ventured down to 'The Big Smoke' to begin our training.

Sharing sheet music, testing each other on the parts of the Larynx, and nearly killing each other in Stage Combat… We decided to continue working together!

We made use of the facilities at our fingertips and the hours we had available and became co-presidents of the Musical Theatre Society. We were able to create opportunities for ourselves and fellow students whilst networking and collaborating with industry professionals. It was here when we realised this is something we were eager to do professionally.

Post-graduation: abusing the coffee shops of Ealing, a million-and-one cups of tea on the sofa and endless Whatsapp conversations about it… we finally founded

Tiny Theatre Company.

Our debut production of three short plays was held in May 2018. It was here when we felt an inch of what could be achieved. Our passion for female-led theatre grew even deeper and we could not wait to continue creating work.


Since co-founding Tiny Theatre Company, our eyes have been opened into a world of theatre we did not know existed. It has been incredibly rewarding to see such thought-provoking, intense and incredibly moving theatre. We have seen actors with such fire in their belly to create amazing work without any real guaranteed financial reward. We believe that this type of commitment and dedication to one’s craft is incredibly rare and should always be celebrated. Creatives supporting creatives is essential for the magic to stay alive.

We are a (tiny) company with a collaborative outlook. We wish to work closely as writers, directors and actors to develop as artists and produce exciting work which is current and relatable.