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1 writer. 4 actors. 3 plays.


After a successful debut of 143 in 2018, Tiny Theatre Company are so excited to be back showcasing a new female writer in 143: Volume 2 at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre.

143: Volume 2 is an evening of new and exciting female-led work, featuring 3 brilliant, new short plays by Amy Guyler. From a wedding, to a birthday, to a festival, the contrasting plays have you on the edge of your seat questioning who you can trust.

143: VOLUME 2

"another really well organised new writing event, and definite justification for 143 to be a regular presence on London’s Fringe." 

"compelling characters, interesting plots and unexpected twists"


"Terrific performances from the cast make 143: Volume 2 a hugely enjoyable watch, putting their all into these intriguing stories."


Mind The Blog

"The third piece was hugely enjoyable and relatable... it was an hilarious short play which raised serious questions. It has the potential to make a sterling full length play"

"A lovely company, with so much to offer"

London Pub Theatres

WRITER: Amy Guyler

ACTORS: Charlie Maguire, Peter Hardingham, Olivia Roebuck, Alexandra Brailsford

DIRECTORS: Olivia Roebuck and Alexandra Brailsford

LIGHTING/SOUND: Matthew Gouldesbrough

STAGE MANAGER: Jessica Crawley

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A Tiny Scratch included 3 short scratch pieces: #HomeToVote by Roisin Moriarty, The Funeral by David Hendon and Ten Minutes by Julian Felice. 

It was an incredibly successful sell-out evening of brand new theatre performed at the Kings Head Theatre in London.


"Thoroughly enjoyable evening with bursting talent"

"Great writing and performances"

"Some really amazing, beautiful, creative pieces. World: watch this space. They're tiny and they're fabulous"

"Fab writing, directing and performances"

WRITERS: David Hendon, Julian Felice, Roisin Moriarty

ACTORS: Antonia Salib, Olivia Foan, Safron Beck, Lewis Meagor, Lewis Chance, Alexander McAteer, Kate Donnachie

DIRECTOR: Alexandra Brailsford, Olivia Roebuck

LIGHTING/SOUND: Robert Parritt

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'Cold Chips' is a heart-warming story of two best mates, Ella and Ryan, who seek comfort in each other to find their way in life. A starlit bench reserved for two and a bag of chips each - every Friday evening is the same.


Fending for themselves and attempting to 'adult' proves more difficult than they would like. But when you've got no job and no money, like Ryan, life doesn't seem too bad when you can have a laugh with your best mate.


But there comes a time when they need to stop pretending. Acting like everything is OK works for a while, but not forever. Ella and Ryan are thankful to be in the same boat, with someone that will hold that oar for them, when it gets too heavy.


"brimming with humanity"

"A funny, relatable, moving story"

"intuitively directed and intelligently performed"

Mind The Blog - 4*


"it’s sparkling wit and cosy humour won’t fail to warm your heart"

"With a stellar soundtrack accompanying the piece, Cold Chips is a charming look at friendship, which has been compassionately written and lovingly performed.  It teaches us that when you have a special bond of friendship to share with someone, it doesn’t matter how cold the chips are, as long as you are eating them together"

Theatre Weekly - 4*


"the piece has grit and heart enough to strike a chord with anyone who has ever found themselves a bit directionless or in need of a friend"

A Younger Theatre


"This play leads you back and forth between romance, laughter, heartbreak and concern, and uses all components to create what I can describe as lovely show"

Two Lasses in London

WRITER: Isabelle Stokes

ACTORS: Olivia May Roebuck, Hippolyte Poirier

DIRECTOR: Alexandra Brailsford

LIGHTING/SOUND: Robert Parritt/Fintan Davies


MAY 2018

Tiny Theatre Company collaborated with Theatre N16 this May to produce an evening of short plays written by Isabelle Stokes. 

'143' includes three individual pieces written solely by Isabelle Stokes.

'PEARL' explores a modern relationship; its anxieties and complexities. We see 'Ava' and 'Daniel' share these through their inner thoughts. Whereas 'BLOODY HANDS' tackles political issues and homelessness in the UK through the story of two young girls with contrasting personalities. 'COLD CHIPS' tells a story of friendship between 'Ryan' and 'Ella', two young adults finding a way to move on to the next stage in their lives and trying to figure it all out together.


"What’s nice about these three plays is that it feels as if they’re all part of the same little world – obviously recognisable as a representation of the world in which we live, but linked by common themes (& phrases) that ties the night together rather neatly"

"This kind of event is a great way for all kinds of creatives to showcase their talents, whether it’s writers challenging themselves to work in different genres, actors showing they shouldn’t be pigeonholed, or anything else"

"I hope that we may see some more of these shows in the future"

Mind The Blog


"Tiny Theatre Company put on a really well-written and presented evening that was entertaining and kept the eyes and minds of the audience glued to the stage" 

"'Tiny’ they may be but Tiny Theatre Company really did something huge with 143 and I can’t wait to see their next production"

LondonTheatre1 - 4*

WRITER: Isabelle Stokes

ACTORS: Olivia May Roebuck, Aizaac Sidhu, Alexandra Brailsford, Danny Merrill

DIRECTOR: Katie Turner

LIGHTING/SOUND: Robert Parritt